AUTUMN was an entirely instrumental, highly progressive British band based in Portsmouth during the years 1976 to 1978. Although never to commercially succeed due, in part, to the rise of Punk, the band received critical acclaim and respect.


On February 15th 1999, 2 decades on, Autumn's only recordings (made in 1977 and 1978) surfaced and were released. The tracks were re-mastered to a high degree but no additional recording was done - they are exactly as they were recorded 30+ years ago. We had a great time writing and playing this music and we hope the scale of the sound we produced will still be fully appreciated.


Two of Autumn's members came from The Enid (Nick Magnus and Robbie Dobson) and one member (Nick) was to join The Steve Hackett Band for many world tours and recordings. Another member (Robbie) was to re-join The Enid and then join Hawkwind. We are all still in touch and these recordings were released with the permission of us all.


You can judge for yourselves just what might have been, on the CD "OCEANWORLD". (Due to unforeseen demand (really!) we have been out of stock since 2002 but you can download the album at:




'A Prog Rock masterpiece.' - Francois Couture (All Music)


'A little gem.' -

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