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Delire Music Award 1999 - (of which we are justly proud)

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March 1999


#1 - AUTUMN / Oceanworld (Ind.) (0)

#2 - MORTE MACABRE / Symphonic Holocaust (Mellotronen) (new)

#3 - JANISON EDGE / The Services of Mary Goode (Gargoyle) (new)

#4 - FIG LEAF / Fearless (Moonchild) (-2)

#5 - GORDIAN KNOT / Gordian Knot (Sensory) (new)

#6 - HAPPY THE MAN / Death's Crown (Cuneiform) (new)

#7 - FINNEUS GAUGE / One Inch Of The Fall (Train / Cyclops) (new)

#8 - NATHAN MAHL / The Clever Use of Shadows (ind.) (new)

#9 - KEN BAIRD / Fields (Ind.) (-6)

#10 - LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT / Liquid Tension Experiment (Magna Carta) (new)




February 3rd 1999


This week's discovery :

AUTUMN / Oceanworld (1999, independent)


This is a fairy tale, the story of SleepingBeauty.


Once upon a time, there were four friends in Portsmouth, England, who in 1974 decided to play some instrumental progressive music together. Keyboardist Nick Magnus and drummer Robbie Dobson were fresh out of The Enid. Bassist Steve Hoff and guitarist Mark Easton completed the band. In 1977, Autumn recorded five tracks for an album. But the uncalled rise of punk and disco and the devastating demise of prog turned their project short. The record was put to sleep. Robbie went to join Hawkwind, Nick became keyboardist for the Steve Hackett Band (starting with the recording of Spectral Mornings).


Since then, the Beauty was sleeping. Up until January 1999, when it awoke. Autumn finally released their record, Oceanworld, straght from the 1977 master tapes. And we must rejoice. This is intelligent instrumental prog full of twists and turns, high calibre prog music that can rivalize with the best moments of Steve Hackett (Voyage, Spectral Mornings) and Yes, with a little added spice reminding this reviewer of Quebec band Maneige. Production is crystal-clear. Actually, would this record had been released in 1977, it would now be considered a minor classic and a very much sought-after collector's item. Oceanworld is not just another of these records-that-were-not-recorded-back-then-but-now-we-have-the-money-to-do-it-ourselves. This is an ESSENTIAL prog album... of which we knew nothing! Very strongly recommended. And don't give its short 36 minutes a second thought. After all, the best Gentle Giant records are under 40 minutes and we still buy them. Do the same. BUY THIS RECORD! And then, thank me for telling you that.


Francois Couture

Producer of Delire Musical



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