The Recordings were made in 1977-8 with the great help of friends such as engineers John Walker, Roger Kennedy and John Cooper. MIke and Jenny Devereux very kindly gave us the use of Telecoms Studios which was an immense help.


Big thanks to Our roadies Nigel and Les who played a goodly part in seeing us in and out of gigs. To Hilary Tranter who designed the Autumn logo and created a backdrop for our gigs (painted somewhere in the Portsmouth Dockyard we believe).


Thanks to photographers Pete Quin (actually a proper musixian in his spare time - see and Nigel Goode.


Also thanks to previous members who helped us on the way William (Bill) Swadling (keyboards), Phil Hargreaves (guitar), Doug Keating (drums), Dave Marsh (drums) and Bill McCann (bass).


And of course big thanks to the friends and fans who turned up and shouted for our encores which included sections from such diverse pieces of music as Over The Rainbow, The Great Gates of Kiev, the 1812 and others.


Lastly we'd love to hear from any of you so keep in touch, you never know...

somewhere over the rainbow...


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